JavaScript for Java developers

“The Java- prefix suggests that JavaScript is somehow related to Java, that it is a subset or less capable version of Java. It seems that the name was intentionally selected to create confusion, and from confusion comes misunderstanding. JavaScript is not interpreted Java. Java is interpreted Java. JavaScript is a different language.”

Douglas Crockford

You are a trustworthy Java developer. You know all tricks of the Java and you are sure that this language of blinking pages is self-evidence for you. Check yourself. 3 minutes only to to solve a couple of JavaScript problems.

This section of is designed to present you the differences between Java and JavaScript only. We intend to make maximum use of your knowledge of the Java and are not going to annoy you by repetition of the things that are the same in both languages.

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Standards and versions support.

“ES6 will not remove the bad parts. It will likely add more bad parts”. Douglas Crockford

Spaces, new lines, tabs, semicolons.

“Semicolon insertion was a huge mistake”. Douglas Crockford

Scopes and hoisting for variables and functions.

Some description

Truthy and Falsy values.

These terms can be a bit mystifying.