What is webculum.org ?

This project is for those who want to get theoretical and, that is more importantly, practical knowledge of WEB technologies.

You can solving problems.

The project website contains a large number of problems in different areas such as (JavaScript, HTML, CSS,.. ). You can solving them and improve your skills. A list of the problems is rapidly getting bigger.

You can submit your problem.

The project gives you an opportunity to contribute your own problems to the community. Just send your problem as simple text file to us and we are publishing good ones on knwotheweb.org with indicating of the author.

You can become a committer to open the source project located on GitHub.

You have some knowledge of WEB technologies. You have a HTML pages with funny Styles and JavaScript inside. It is time to take part in real project with big team, and on the environment that are using by many famous open source projects (liike twitter bootstrap and facebook React projects.
Is it cool?

Our committees and contributors